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Carpet Dry Cleaning

We all dread scheduling a time to clean the carpets - but not with Magna Dry. Our exclusive carpet and upholstery dry cleaning system will clean, deodorize and disinfect your carpet cleaning and stain removal. Our company is certified with the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. When our technicians have finished, your carpets and upholstery are left at 75% dry to the touch. In most cases, your carpets are completely dry within one hour. So there are no worries when scheduling a cleaning for "off times".

One of our certified technicians
One of our certified technicians at work.

Exclusive Dry Cleaning System
Magna-Dry is the most effective dry cleaning service available. Our system cleans thoroughly, but safely by means of our unique process which not only removes soil and stains from your carpets but leaves them bright, fresh, residue-free and soft to the touch.

Convenience and Quick Drying
Your carpets will usually dry and be ready to use in less than an hour. Isn't that better than endless hours or even days as with wet or "steam" methods?

Safety for your Furnishings
You can be confident that your fine carpets and furniture are completely safe when in our care, unlike other cleaning methods that may cause overwetting, shrinkage, mildew, browning, fiber abrasion, or leave soil-attracting residues.

Safety for your Family and Pets
Isn't it comforting to know that Magna-Dry is being used in hospitals and health care facilities? Magna-Dry cleaning leaves no irritating residues or toxic chemicals. Nothing but fresh, pleasant aroma is left to remind you of the most pleasant carpet cleaning experience you've ever had.

Trained Technicians
We do more than just operate cleaning equipment. Our technicians are enrolled in a never-ending training program to insure quality workmanship. We not only can clean your carpet effectively, we can expertly install and repair it as well!

Free Written Evaluations, Firm Prices, Never Estimates
With no obligation, you'll have your carpet and furnishings inspected and tested or recommended cleaning services. We always provide firm accurate cost service before the fact.

Our Pledge
Upon your final selection of the various Magna-Dry services that are best suited to your needs, we pledge to provide you with the very best cleaning services available. You can be sure that the investment in your home and its furnishings will be protected and enhanced when in our care.

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