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Mold and Mildew Remediation

If mold or mildew damage is left untreated for any period of time, it can lead to dangerous mold growth. That's why it's so important to use the best cleaning services. Mold growth can result in negative health effects for people exposed to mold in damp buildings. Our certified remediation professionals will discuss and review mold growth's potential harmful health effects and structural damage and costs in detail. We will address budgetary parameters, scheduling considerations and possible inconveniences.

Mold damage

An example of mold damage.

It is sometimes problematic to determine the cause and/or structural deficiencies that may have been the initial impetus for mold growth. In these cases, we work closely with hygienists, consultants, engineeiring firms, attorneys, property owners and insurance companies to build either mini or full-scale controlled containments and provide experienced technicians and equipment for investigative demolitions. The construction of controlled containments for investigative purposed also helps to ensure that cross contamination does not become an issue.

Our cleaning services will restore your home or business by providing emergency water extraction, water pump-out, and demolition of wet building materials, power washing, moisture monitoring and the installation of drying equipment. We will also deodorize and disinfect the space impacted by water. When fire, smoke and mold and mildew damage of your home or office building occurs, speed is essential to minimize any further loss. We are the professionals in fire damage, smoke damage, and mold and mildew remediation.

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